Frequently ask question


Question: what is platform bed ?

Answer: there are two bed system in the USA. One requires box (I.e. Foundation ) to put on the bed frame before you can put your mattress on . Another system does not require the box since it has enough slats on the frame. In the catalog of bed room set , the vendor will tell your selected bed that need a box or not .

If your bed does not require the box then it is a platform bed.


Question: can I shop on line ?

Yes, you can . This is procedure how to order furniture at King Futon.

    Visit and at lower RHS of the home page select "coaster catalog"  or " Furniturre of America " . Shop your product in the catalog. Get product numbers and send your interested product numbers to kingfuton@icloud.comfor your quotation . Write your product numbers as normal email. Do not send the link or images.
    Some body at King futon will reply and provide to you the process how to order online without come to our facility. We only delivery in San Francisco Bay Area only. These cities are included San Jose, Santa Clara county, San Francisco, Fremont, Milpitas, Hayward, San Ramon, etc...



Do you have delivery and set up service ?

Answer: we do . The fee is depend on how many items the you buy , and how complicate the items are, your address, upstairs, downstairs, etc...


Question: My mattress get molded. Why could this be happened and how to fix it?


You should check these environments condition of your mattress:

-It could be weather is cold / raining and /or your house has humid environment and does not has enough air and sunshine into your room. And.

-It could be you do not remove plastic bag of the mattress and/or do not put your mattress on the futon frame or platform bed in order to provide the air for underneath of your mattress. Or forget to flip of your mattress twice a week and /or forget to bring your mattress into direct sunshine once in a while.

The following link could help you to fix a molded mattress.


Question: Do you have instruction how to take care cotton mattress ?


-flip your cotton mattress twice per month. No plastic cover for your mattress.

-put your cotton mattress on the futon frame or futon platform bed. Your frame should provide some air gap underneath of your mattress.

-Let your cotton mattress exposed to the sunlight or direct sunlight and air as much as you can.


Question: Do you ship out of state ?

Answer: yes , just Indian cotton mattress only. At this time we have the following third party transportation logistic broker. You call them and take care transportation yourself. You need to coordinate with us to schedule to ship your mattress.

Echo Global Logistics

Contact: Mikel Facchini

Ph: 248-989-1346

Normally, broker need these information from you.

-Weight: maximum 100 pounds


King size: 76"x80"x 8"

Queen : 60"x80"x8"

Full : 54"x75"x8"

If your product is boxed add 3" more for width and length dimension.

-Your address, phone


Question: what are sizes of futon mattresses ?


There are 4 sizes for futons. They are:

Twin size : 38" x 75"

Twin long size:38"x80"

Full size : 54" x 75"

Queen size: 60" x 80"

King sizes:

- Eastern King: 76" x 80"

- California King: 72" x 84"

All dimensions are in inches. These dimensions also apply for regular beds.


Q. How do I get the price of the merchandise?.

A. For the price and dimension please e-mail us at provide us item numbers .


Question: How do I get to your place?.

Answer: Please click on Direction to see the map and directions to King Futon Mfg.


Question :

 What are your business hours?.

Answer: Mon-Th 11am-9pm

Fri,Sat 10am-7pm

Sun 10am-6pm

  King Futon Manufacturing
1640 Remuda Ln, San Jose, CA 95112
408-453-2540 * e-mail:
M-Th: 11am-9pm, Fri, Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun:10am-6pm, Closed Wednesday
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